Killing the time on Saturday evening...

Few days ago I have bought a 40x180cm long strip softbox so I wanted to try it out. What better way than on a nice shiny bicycle :)

This was shoot quite quickly, but I kinda like the result. Unfortunately I didn't have a way to shoot the whole bicycle at the moment, not enough black cloth and room in my apartment to do it (next time I am thinking to do the same kind of shoot but on big grey seamless background and in bigger space which will hopefully allow me more to play with.

Strobist info:
One Elinchrom BX500Ri inside a stripe softbox 40x180 cm, with the grid, above the bicycle on the c-stand. This light gave me a really nice light across the bicycle right off the bat.

I did add a white Lastolite reflector underneath the bicycle for fill and also added one more SB28 with the snoot flashing only at the white reflector for additional fill.

One SB700 was on the right side for additional light for the front suspension tyre. One more

One more SB700 (snooted) on the left side as well for additional kick on the gears and tyre.

To avoid seeing the white wall in the background I have clamped a black cloth on two chairs in the background.

This is a behind the scenes photo :))

This is a behind the scenes photo :))