At the docks again

Going to the fishing docks here in Doha is becoming a bit addictive to me, mainly because its very peaceful there early morning and you can see (take a photo) some interesting faces there :)

and stretch yoga - year after

Year ago I was doing a yoga photography session with very talented Lynsey from .and stretch yoga studio. We did a simple but effective studio black and white photos. Year after I was lucky enough to do another session with Lynsey, this time only few weeks since her due date with her baby. This session resulted in some amazing "before and after" comparison photos. 

Morning walk

Images taken at Doha fish market promenade, with Sony a7r2 and Nikon 50mm 1.8 ai manual focus lens, mounted via Metabones adapter. All images directly out of the camera jpeg's.

Sri Lanka - Shinagawa Beach - Sony A7R2

Short edit made out of Sony A7R2 footage I took in Shinagawa Beach in Sri Lanka. For most of the shots I used Nikon 80-200 f/2.8 lens and for last two shots I used Nikon 16-35mm f/4 lens, both lenses mounted with Metabones adapter. Edited and graded in Resolve 12. Original footage was shoot in 4K, basic PP, s35 mode, but later downconverted to 1080p for easier editing. Resolve is still struggling with Sony a7 codec. Music by Liam Bradbury - "The Best Moments in Life".

Fire in the hair

This one is a combination of constant light and one SB700 inside Lastolite 60x60cm softbox. 1000w Lowel light with barn doors camera left behind the subject to provide the motion blur trail of the hair movement. SB700 1/2 power camera right to stop the motion of the face.

Camera: Nikon D800, 1/6 sec
Lens Nikon 24-70, @ f/8.0, 45mm
ISO 100
SB700 inside Lastolite Eyzbox 60x60cm @ 1/2 power
Lowel 1000w light with barndors